Magic story about cakes

To understand the spirit of the era, the lives of its people, their difficulties and joys, you have to be born in that time. Looking on my children, how they take notice everyday details that bring them joy, I remember my own childhood and remark the difference in how I feel today.

When I was a child and lived in the countryside, it was almost impossible to buy a cake in a store. Therefore, when my mother arranged a dessert day, it was a whole celebration.

I still remember the feeling of impatiently watching her bake a cake. Every time I tried to dip my finger into the delicate and airy cream.

The idea of this picture came out of those memories. I wanted to represent the atmosphere of waiting the holidays and all the positive emotions it brings.

It’s a picture to remind you of the joy you can feel even in contact with ordinary things and routines. Hang it in the most trivial and humdrum place and you’ll see it blossom.

The work has been awarded: 

2022 - Platinum winner in European Photography Awards Category Commercial Photography - Still Life.
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