When we want something very badly and strive for it, it seems like the world around us begins to rotate differently. We start noticing opportunities and events that previously went unnoticed.

Some call this the law of attraction, while others believe it to be a coincidence. I don't believe in mysticism, but in my life, I often notice that when I really want something and strive for my goal, opportunities and events begin to happen, as if the universe itself is helping me.

I believe this is related to our focus and our desire to achieve our goals. When we are focused on something, we begin to notice many details that previously eluded our attention, find more opportunities and events that were previously hidden from us.

This does not mean that the world magically changes for us. It means that we begin to see and use opportunities that were already there, but we did not notice them.

So, do you believe in the law of attraction? I think each of us can find our own answer to this question based on our experience and observations. Maybe it's just our attention and focus that make miracles possible. Or maybe it's luck or the magic of the universe, who knows?